Unafraid: Alone and Unloved

The Psalmist, no doubt writing from experience, notes "how precious are your thoughts about me, oh Lord."  It's true.  Like a wholly loving parent sees their child with eyes of unconditional love, so God sees us similarly.  Truly owning this foundation makes an enormous difference in our lives because it means that our value and worth are secure - untouchable - regardless of what others might have to say about it.  I hope you are growing in your owning of this truth.

It is really, really important to love and be loved in return (queue Nature Boy by Nat King Cole or Natalie).  This morning, I had the congregation do an exercise toward this end.  We gathered around tables to share and listen.  I encourage you to do this with those you love, to make sure you are staying closely connected.  Make it fodder for dinner conversation or coffee.  Love the one sharing enough o give them your full attention.  Love the ones listening to you enough to share who you really are.


Ten Excellent Questions

1.What are you passionate about?

2.If I really knew you, what would I know about you?

3.What makes you feel the most fulfilled?

4.Who is your personal hero?

5.What is your dream job?

6.What is your biggest accomplishment?

7.What’s on your bucket list this year?

8.How would you want to be remembered?

9.If you could master one new skill, what would it be?

10.What would your perfect day look like?