What We Believe and Strive To Do...

We choose.  

If there is one word that describes Jesus and the Way of life he modeled, that word is love.  Love of God.  Love for all of creation.  We dedicate ourselves to Jesus’ Way of love, freely committing to follow his lead.  We choose to see God, biblical texts, ourselves and the world through Jesus’ example.  This covenant leads to great personal and global hope, and also leads us to flip the tables of the status quo wherever destructive beliefs and systems exist.  We celebrate this free choice, and lovingly encourage others to consider the same new way of life we embrace.  What follows is what this covenant looks like…  John 1-2

We stretch.  

To pursue a relationship with God is a choice to be continually stretched to new ways of thinking and being.  When Jesus was with Nicodemus, John the Baptist, and the Samaritan woman at the well, he stretched their thinking with love and respect, even though it required them to let go of the familiar.  Therefore, we choose to stretch as God grows in us, and we lovingly help others stretch toward God as God works through us.  John 3-4

We kneel.  

Jesus served humbly without discrimination.  He served enemies of the state, touched untouchables, healed those who were broken, and fed those who were hungry.  Therefore, we choose to share God’s love by kneeling to serve as Jesus modeled, bringing healing to our world.  John 5-7

We grace.  

Jesus was famous for lavishly extending grace to everyone, but especially to those who were feeling condemned.  Be it an adulterous woman caught in the act or a blind man convinced that he was beyond grace, Jesus acted with and spoke grace into their lives in order to free them from condemnation in all its forms.  Therefore, we choose to lift up those who experience shame, to love instead of judge.  John 8-9

We incarnate.  

God’s love was perhaps most profoundly expressed in the incarnation, when God entered the full human experience with us in the person of Jesus.  He loved deeply by being intimately present with people in their grief, joy, shame, pain, filth, denial, and even their betrayal.  Therefore, we choose to welcome God into our darkest corners, and as those who are being indwelled by God’s Spirit, we choose to live deeply with people in the same intimate places Jesus chose to dwell.  John 10-13

We connect.  

Jesus’ Way kept him connected to the heartbeat of God.  Jesus fostered an intimate, personal relationship with God by practicing a variety of disciplines (solitude, prayer, gathering for worship, service, community life) that allowed God’s presence to guide and direct his steps.  Therefore, we choose to be so connected that the image of God is clearly reflected in our thoughts, passion, and mission.  John 14-17

We resurrect.  

Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates God’s power over death, and the possibility for new life now.  After denying knowing Jesus three times, Peter experienced resurrection as the darkness of his shame and fear gave way to new life when he was reinstated in his ministry.  Therefore, we choose to allow God’s power to bring new life wherever darkness resides, and we encourage others to do the same. John 18-21