Welcome to CrossWalk Community Church

Gathering sundays

8:30 Fireside Room (teaching only)

10:00 Sanctuary (Full Meal Deal - music, kids programs)

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Spiritual but not religious? Can’t stomach being a part of a religious organization that does not treat all people equally, or sees some people a little more equal than others? Or is it that the theology espoused essentially boils down to fear: say the right words, believe the right things, do the right rituals, or face the wrath of God… People like you who find CrossWalk resonate and love us because we truly treat everyone equally here, all based on an ancient approach to the Bible used by Jesus that allows it to breathe and flex as cultures and understanding of reality change. Come give us a try.

We’ll help you develop that spirituality without the religious baggage.

Everyone is welcome and equal here. Women. Men. LGBTQ. Straight. Divorced. Married. Single. Rejected. Hurt. Well. Dechurched. Unchurched. Faith-filled. Atheists. Agnostics. Doubters. Questioners. Progressives. Conservatives. Democrats. Republicans. Libertarians. Undocumented. Documented. Wealthy. Resource Challenged. Middle Class. Addicted. Recovering. Even Dodgers fans. You get the idea.

CrossWalk is a truly unique community. You will know it upon your first visit as you sit around tables instead of rows of chairs (because everyone is more relaxed around a table). You’ll hear a teaching that feels like a conversation not a preaching that feels like a scolding. The music will be good, performed by everyday folks who you can relate to. The coffee will be strong and the donuts calorie free. The vibe in the room will be chill, not stuffy. It won’t feel like church for all the best reasons. Your kids will have a great time and even learn some stuff. But be careful: word on the street is that we’re a bunch of unorthodox heretical misfits. They’re right. We’re cool with it because Jesus was looked at the same way. We’ll happily and proudly follow in his footsteps, which will lead us into a deeper connection with this Higher Power we refer to as God, our Ground of Being, the Greater Other. And following Jesus’ example will take us into some amazing opportunities to serve the world and her people toward their best. All leading toward an extraordinarily meaning-filled life of passion and purpose.

If you want to get in on such heretical fun, we’d love to share the ride.

For a bunch of brief videos that will help you learn quickly about the way we think about a wide range of issues, click here. For a longer look at some “eyebrow raisers”, click here.

For some academic notes for the upcoming teaching and current Lectio Divina, click here.