CrossWalk Community Church exists to bring hope and healing to the world in the same way as Jesus: through relationship with God.  We want CrossWalk to be a safe place for everyone who attends: the children entrusted into our care, for those who have been sexually victimized, and for the registered offender who is allowed to attend. If you are a registered offender, we require that your Probation Officer let us know that they have granted approval of your attendance. They are the person who is trained to assess the risk posed to the registered offenders and those with whom they might interact. If your PO allows you to attend, we have a policy in place that we require you to sign which protects you and others from harmful situations or allegations.


1.       Any registered offender is expected to self-disclose his or her status as a registered offender to a CrossWalk pastor prior to attending any CrossWalk services or activities. Whether through disclosure or discovery, as soon as the registered status of an offender is realized the protocols of this policy will be expected to be honored or the offender may not attend any CrossWalk services or activities.

2.       An offender as described in California Law may not attend any CrossWalk services or activities, including small groups, until obtaining permission from their Probation Officer (PO). The contact information for their PO must be provided to a CrossWalk pastor. An offender will be required to sign and adhere to the “Attendance Contract for Sex Offenders” if the wish to attend.

3.       Offenders are prohibited from attending CrossWalk services and / or activities under any of the following circumstances:

a.       If any victim of the offender is a member of CrossWalk or known to regularly attend CrossWalk activities.

b.       If the offender has a history of not following established contract agreements at other churches.

c.        If the offender does not agree to the conditions for fellowship at CrossWalk.

d.       If the offender does not comply with the conditions for fellowship at CrossWalk.

4.       Participation at CrossWalk will be based in part on risk assessment provided by trained professionals (specialized counselors and probation officers).  As a general rule, if the offense included any form of physical activity with a minor, the offender will be prohibited from attending CrossWalk services and activities.  There are very few exceptions to this rule. Individuals who committed physical offenses are encouraged to attend tailored ministries where they can be known and supervised (contact a CrossWalk pastor for more information).

5.       Any individual that has at any time registered as an offender is prohibited from entering into CrossWalk children’s ministry areas or participating as part of CrossWalk’s children ministry. This prohibition continues to exist regardless of whether the offender status is removed. This prohibition is non-negotiable.

6.       An offender may not attend any children- or youth-oriented services or activities. However, the offender is allowed to attend services and activities where children may be present, such as worship services, and is allowed to be in the church lobby or sanctuary, for example, so long as other adults are present including their assigned monitor.

7.       If an individual ceases to be a registered offender, a copy of the “Certificate and Order of Discharge,” or a similarly equivalent court document, must be submitted to a CrossWalk pastor to be included in the offender’s file. At that time, an evaluation will be conducted to determine if and what continuing restrictions will remain in place.


 Offenders must commit to the following conditions for fellowship at CrossWalk Community Church.

 I agree to the following conditions:

  1. I will meet with a CrossWalk Pastor who will evaluate and monitor my access to CrossWalk services and activities.

  2. I will provide the Probation Officer’s name and phone number to my Supervising Pastor.

  3. I will get approval by my Probation Officer and CrossWalk Pastor to attend CrossWalk.

  4. I agree to have my picture, name, offense level, and a copy of this signed contract emailed to all CrossWalk pastors, Stewards, security team, and pertinent staff.

  5. I will not serve in any role in a CrossWalk ministry without prior approval from a CrossWalk Pastor.

  6. I will not supervise any children’s activities nor enter a designated children’s area. I will not serve in CrossWalk children or youth ministries.

  7. I will not have any physical contact with a child at CrossWalk, including, without limitation, sitting next to a child other than my own, holding a child on my lap, or being hugged or kissed by a child at CrossWalk. If a child other than my own approaches me to talk, I will acknowledge him or her and promptly leave the area.

  8. I understand that my CrossWalk Pastor will retain records of our meetings, which will be available to the offender’s therapist, CCO, and court at their request.

  9. I understand the above conditions. I submit to these conditions and wish to attend CrossWalk Community Church. I submit to my Pastor at CrossWalk. I accept that if I break any of the above conditions, I will no longer be allowed to be present at any CrossWalk location or activity. CrossWalk pastors, stewards, staff, security team members, small group leaders, and CrossWalk members are released from any legal responsibility or liability for disclosure of the above information to the extent indicated and authorized herein.