What we value and strive to do...

walk with god.

This movement is about connecting directly to God, usually in community. CrossWalk Sunday gatherings are meant help connect people with God, which is why regular attendance works for so many people.  Of course, we can deepen our relationship with God personally, too, wherever and whenever we want.  But there is something special about being together and seeking God collectively.  It’s powerful.

WAlk with others.

We are not made to live all by ourselves.  We need each other to love and be loved.  Groups offer the opportunity to learn from peers, deepen relationships, and have fun!  CrossWalk has a wide variety of groups that meet for different reasons at different times – we’ll help you find a good fit.

go be jesus.

We only get so far in our relationship with God when we’re mainly looking to meet our own needs.  When we actually do something that makes a difference where its needed, our faith really grows.  Why?  Because that’s what Jesus did – he served a world in need.  When we do what Jesus did, we experience what Jesus experienced – more and more of God.  So, we look for opportunities to care for people all around us, and even half a world way.