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DR. PeteR R. Shaw


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Darlene Valencia 

Community Care Pastor



Strategic Development

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Bobbie Jo Seaman



about our Leadership model...

We operate with a system whereby the pastor has the authority and responsibility to lead the church as necessary, but held accountable by a group of elected trustees called the Board of Stewards.  This system protects the church from being led by a dictator while freeing the church to be led by a strong leader.  Ultimate accountability resides with the church’s membership, which votes annually on an annual budget, church officer elections, and, when necessary, to call a new pastor (or release the current one!).

about how we handle money... 

We have a very carefully constructed system for handling donations as well as releasing funds for ministry.  Multiple eyes count donations each week, and separate people sign our checks.  In addition, a Finance Team provides regular fiduciary oversight and provides information for the Board of Stewards to assess the church’s fiscal health.  The pastor does not touch the money, and is entirely removed from the process except for attending Finance Team and Stewards’ meetings.  We do this because it is the right thing to do, and gives our donors confidence that their contributions are handled responsibly.