Just adjacent to Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi is the slum of Huruma – a community of approximately 500,000 people living in tin shacks and run-down apartment buildings in a space that could fit within Napa’s Browns Valley.  Building codes might exist but are not enforced.  Roads may be paved, but it’s hard to tell with all the garbage that has been compacted on the streets.  Raw sewage runs down trenches throughout the slum headed for the vile river that no fish can survive.  Within this setting are tens of thousands of orphans, having lost one or both parents to AIDS or violence.  Furaha Community Foundation provides a K-12 school for 500+ of those orphans, because education is the surest way to lift people out fo extreme poverty.  CrossWalk is the primary provider of food for those kids.  What a privilege to resource kids who might not eat apart from our help.  In addition to the school, Furaha also has an AIDS clinic, and provides microloans to mothers and guardians of Furaha’s kids so that they can begin businesses to support themselves.  We support Furaha through When I Grow Up, a small but powerful non-profit making a world of difference.