Welcome to CrossWalk Community Church

Gathering sundays 8:30 & 10:00

  CrossWalk is a church for people who are “done” with church.  Because some recognize that the Bible has been abused by churches, keeping women unequal and condemning people for who they are hard-wired to love.  Because churches have seemed more about judging than loving.  You want to scream, “Why don’t you look more like Jesus and less like those who killed him?!”  CrossWalk is a community where the deep roots of faith are tapped yet expressed with the ease of a coffee house.  She is brave enough to be honest about the Bible and God, open to all, and empowering to those who long for life sparked by the Divine.  Love lives here.

If you are looking to connect with God, with real people, and passionately serve the community and world, CrossWalk will feel like home.  If you are looking for a progressive church that celebrates using our brains and research to better understand the Bible and what it has to say, you’ll like CrossWalk.  If you dream of walking in the embrace of God who loves everybody and longs to help us live life to the full, you’ll fit right in.